The Ethos of Limerick Celtics Basketball

Limerick Celtics seeks to provide structured interactions that focus on all our local communities to foster confidence, achievement and team play.

Limerick Celtics treat basketball as a playful activity that appeals to the intellect and requires the development of team spirit. On the court, our players set aside individual ego and reticence in order to work cohesively and function as a team under coaching leadership and guidance. When in games, all our players know their place: know their skills, those of their teammates and learn to quickly analyse those of their opponents. Because of the importance of teamwork, basketball is a great way to develop interpersonal skills and belonging.

Basketball requires skill, concentration and a certain amount of self-confidence. The characteristics developed in our players through the practice of basketball provides them with a better chance of finding their place as individuals in the world.

Limerick Celtics covers all of Limerick so is a tool for exchanges between children from all areas of the city and its wider area. Limerick Celtics Basketball is one of the few collective teams that brings together individuals from all social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Limerick Celtics contributes to intermingling and acts as a vehicle for solidarity for all our children. Basketball is particularly effective as a tool for individuality, as it often brings children out from the umbrella of a defined local and community group into a larger and independent one – a typical new child jumps significantly in confidence, social skills and academic performance within six months of joining.

Limerick Celtics Basketball serves all our areas’ populations: girls and boys, young and old, and many with intellectual disabilities who otherwise would not be part of any sport. The interest in Limerick Celtics Basketball is widespread. We attract individuals irrespective of their socio-economic, locations and ethnic status by promoting civic engagement, leadership, development, and personal growth.

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